Enjoy The Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

We manufacture attractive sturdy brackets to simplify the assembly of planter boxes. Our brackets are designed to fit standard 2" wide rough lumber boards. They are available for 12" or 20" high beds. The corner brackets make it easy to put together sturdy, straight beds.

Our brackets are made of powder-coated, 18 gauge steel and come with matching screws. They may be used to make a variety of garden bed shapes to suit your yard. The most popular designs are rectangular, L-shape or U-shape gardens. Use your imagination...the possibilities are endless!

Raised Garden Bed Corner Brackets
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lumber channels inside the bracket.
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12 inch Corner Bracket
12" Corner Bracket
Set of 4: $29.99
20 inch Corner Bracket
20" Corner Bracket
Set of 4: $39.99
No Stooping!
L-shaped garden
L-shape garden; 6 brackets
U-shaped garden
U-shape garden, 8 brackets
Rectangular garden
Rectangular garden, 4 brackets
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How to build the best raised garden beds:
  • Select a level area that will receive at least 6 hours of sunshine per day.
  • Select a bed layout that fits the garden area. Long, narrow beds work well along the side of a house or fence. Don't be afraid to think outside the box! Your garden bed does not have to be rectangular. Consider an L-shape garden for a corner area. A U-shape garden fits well in a square or rectangular area.
  • Buy quality lumber such as rough redwood or cedar that is 2" thick. Do NOT buy pressure treated lumber. You cannot have an organic garden when your beds are treated with chemicals.
  • To grow vegetables, make sure the lumber is at least 12" wide-so the beds will be at least 12" tall. Anything less will inhibit root growth.
  • Build custom beds that are comfortable for you. If you are tall or suffer from back problems, build tall beds so you don't have to stoop. Save your back with 20" High Raised Garden Bed Brackets.
  • Make sure the bed is narrow enough that you can tend to it without stepping inside the bed. If you can reach the bed from both sides, then a width of 4' is ideal. If you can only reach the bed from one side (for example, if the other side is against a fence), make sure it is no wider than 3'.
  • Each bed will need a water supply. It's easier to build one long bed, with a single water source, than multiple beds each with their own water supply.
  • To build a bed with straight and sturdy corners, use Raised Garden Bed Corner Brackets.
  • Lay galvanized wire mesh on the bottom of the bed to prevent gophers from attacking your plants from below. Fold up the edges of the mesh and press them against the inside of the lumber boards.
  • Fill the beds to the brim with top quality amended soil.

Corner Bracket Assembly Instructions
  • Level the area where the garden bed will be located.
  • For 12" high raised beds, stand up the corner bracket. Using 2"x12" rough lumber, slide the two pieces of lumber together into the channels of the bracket. For a snug fit, make sure the lumber is cut straight at 90 degree angles.
  • Use the 3" screws to connect the bracket to the two lumber boards.
  • Use the 1" screws at each point where the bracket is secured to a single lumber board.
  • Continue with the remaining brackets until the bed is completed.
  • For 20" high raised beds, stack either two 2"x10" boards on top of one another or stack one 2"x12" and one 2"x8" board on top of one another. Build the bottom part of the bed first, securing the bottom pieces of lumber to the brackets in the manner stated above. Then insert the upper boards and secure to the brackets.

Raised Garden Bed Corner Bracket Features
  • Get the straight and sturdy corners of professional-looking garden beds
  • Set of four brackets - includes matching screws
  • Made of powder-coated 18 GA steel
  • Use to make a variety of shapes and sized beds (Rectangular, L-shaped or U-shaped)
  • EASY installation, attractive design
  • 12" high bracket designed to fit 2"x12" rough lumber; for building 12" high raised garden beds
  • 20" high bracket designed to fit 2"x10" rough lumber or 2"x12" plus 2"x8" lumber; stacked to build 20" high raised garden beds

Product Details
  • 12" Corner Bracket Dimensions: 3.0 x 3.0 x 11.4 inches
  • 20" Corner Bracket Dimensions: 3.0 x 3.0 x 18.5 inches