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July / August 2006

Organic Backyard Gardening Made Easy with Raised Bed Designer Gardens
By Bill Psinka

Preschoolers to seniors are getting a healthy taste of organic backyard gardening without all the learning curve and maintenance hassles of conventional in-ground gardening.
Former San Diego business attorney, Lisa Singer, has traded a career in law for one of helping would-be green thumbers to grow bushel-loads of veggies, fruits and herbs in small and narrow backyard spaces.  Her company, Gardens To Gro, builds and sells ready-made, raised bed designer gardens that have attracted the attention of preschools and nursing homes, as well as busy, working professionals in the county.

According to Kathy Flynn, a Child Development Program Administrator for the military preschools, "Gardens To Gro gardens are great hands-on tools to teach 3-5 year olds to appreciate where food comes from and the value of team effort to grow it.  The 'budding farmers' are also taught about organics."  Lisa adds, "Customers with young children who help harvest the garden have found that their kids are generally more open to tasting vegetables they have grown themselves."
All Gardens To Gro gardens will water themselves with just the right amount, are gopher and bunny proof, and raised-beds not only save your back but they are natural weed inhibitors.   They range in price from $1,425 and due to their quality construction, will last for many years.

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